Friday, July 2, 2010

And The WINNER is ...........

Congratulations Cindy Jo!
Now you can add 3 more stamps to your collection! Just pick any 3 stamps from the Giveaway post , there are 7 total, and email me with your selection and your shipping address. Your stamps will go out in the mail on Monday!

This drawing was done the old fashioned way. Each name was written on a slip of paper, folded up, and placed into a bowl. The paper pieces were mixed up, and my 9 yr old niece happily drew a slip of paper out of the bowl and read the name to me.

Thanks to everyone for participating and making this a successful Giveaway! I hope to have many more in the future so be sure to stop by once and while and see what's going on :)


katilady said...

congrats cindy jo!

Holly Marie said...

Hey Debi! I was so hoping to enter your giveaway but the mobile interent wouldn't work! What a day for it to act up!

Congratulations to Cindy Jo! You are getting some wonderful, high quality stamps. I love Debi's stamps. :)