Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Felted Owl Pincushion Wristband

The Pattern for this little pincushion can be found here for easy printing. Happy Knitting!

I am so excited about my latest adventures in designing knitting patterns. This cute little felted owl pincushion is my latest design. This knits up very quickly in just an hour or so. (I tend to be a laid back knitter sometimes - meaning I take my time if I don't have anything else going on). I knit a second one of these in Pink and white this morning while enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee and watching "Creative Juices" on DIY. I felted this pincushion by hand under SUPER HOT WATER (my mother has her water heater turned up as high as it will go......I found that out the hard way. But my hands survived and the pincushion felted fairly well. I decided to use velcro for the closure since it will make it easier to secure one handed, and it is easily adjustable for a larger or smaller wrist. I am taking custom orders for these on MY ETSY if your are interested!


Anonymous said...

Ooh very cute! Can't wait for the pdf!

Lunabe said...

I think it's easy tutorial. I'll make it today. Thanks.