Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Organizing my Art Space the Martha Stewart Way!

In perusing my April 2008 Issue of Martha Stewart Living I found a beautiful solution to organizing my art space while reducing the clutter in my room. Believe it or not this is made from 2 bookcases connected with a piano hinge with one side on casters so it can swing open easily. WOW!

Since I don't want to buy any new bookcases, or even garage sale for some, I have decided to take the measurements of this piece and buy the lumber to make the bookcases myself (when I say myself, I really mean my dad will build it and I will assist). I figure this way, I can customize the placement of the shelves and make it to fit my particular items and needs.

I was really drawn to this project because of it's compact style and the pink on the inside. Pink is my favorite color, and I just could not stop looking at this photo spread. This is just gorgeous and I can't wait to make my own.

I told my mother that in order to make one for her office, we would have to build it twice as wide with bookcase doors that swing open from the center out to each side. My mother has has some serious craft supplies.

Right now this project is just in the dreaming phase. I hope to purchase the materials and make this piece before the summer is over. I will certainly post some pics of my completed Hidden Art Space once I am done.

If you are interested in making this yourself you can find a complete list of materials and directions here Martha Stewart Bookcase Office.

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