Sunday, March 23, 2008

Think Spring

Well, it felt and looked like spring for about a day, but winter refused to move on and in a matter of a few hours on Friday we accumulated at least 6 inches of snow. I have been so ready for Spring. On a recent trip to my Grandparents, I was inspired by the many birds that frequent the feeders around the yard, and I took out my paints and papers and went to work. I completed 9 little 4x4 bird collages. I am still uncertain as to what I will do to finish the pieces off. I might make them into a chunky book, or frame them individually, or even frame them as a group. I thought that once the snow was gone for good I would go out and gather some twigs and leaves and other outdoor items to add a little natural appeal. I really enjoyed making these little birdies and am certain I will make many more of them before the season is over.

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