Friday, May 22, 2009

Ally Gator - A felted Knit toy Free Knitting Pattern

This is my first toy pattern. I had been working on my Spa collection designs and thought I would take a break and do something a little different. I picked up some of the Lion Wool I have in my stash and started knitting what I planned to be a dog toy for one of my big dogs. Now that the toy is completed it is just too nice to die by dog. My puppies would tear this up, felted or not, they are very rough on their toys.

I have written this up in a nice PDF format. Please let me know if you find any errors. Sadly, I do not have any test knitters, since everyone I know has their plates full with many of their own projects for family and friends. I will be knitting another one during this next week to check the pattern myself as well.

I wrote the pattern as I went along in the knitting process and I was still able to complete this pattern between last night and this afternoon. That includes the felting and drying time during which I did some other things around the house.

Ally Gator Pattern - A felted Knit Toy

I hope you enjoy this pattern.
Happy Knitting:)


Holly Marie said...

Very cute ally Debi! Alas, I have no time to test knit alligators.
My you are on a roll with designing patterns, I'm jealous! so when are you oging to publish a book? :)

katty said...

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kimberly said...

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ottawa storage said...

Yes I have enjoyed the pattern. Your alligator is very cute! I wish real alligators are that cuddly.

Nicola Trumbull said...

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