Saturday, May 30, 2009

This Dog's Life!

My Entry for the Sunday PostCard Art Numbers Theme for May 24 2009

The other day while I was browsing thru a book in my collection called "Pockets, Pullouts, and Hiding Places", I came across a design for a simple flip book I wanted to make. Since My Etsy has been pretty busy this week, I thought I would take today off as a short break from carving stamps and make some art. In preparation for today's dedication to the creation of art, I stayed up until 1am cutting and assembling the peices for my flip book. Early this morning I arose, made a pot of coffee and sat down to go over my ideas. At first I had thought to make a scrapbook style book documenting my dogs' trip here to SC with me. I planned to call it"How I spent my summer vacation", and I would fill it with cute little pics of my dogs Isabella, Loki, and Princess. And Maybe my mother's dogs would make a guest appearance here and there.

Well, the plan has changed a little bit. I started a page showcasing Loki and the theme was derived from a newspaper clipping advertising 'All You Can Eat Pancakes 99 cents". I thought to make a caption that read "My mom's Pancakes Beats I-HOP any day". I liked this theme for Loki since she is an obsessive FOODie and will eat practically anything.......and she is very vocal about it if she doesn't get what she wants.

I pulled out the paints and papers and started on the backgrounds. When I finished painting the basic elements for 5 pages, I printed out the pics I had already chosen for the project. While I was waiting for the pics to print I browsed a few of the sites I frequent and noticed that last week's theme for Sunday PostCard Art was Numbers..........HMMMM, I thought since I already had the 99 cents on there I could go a little further and turn this book page into a Postcard. It was the right height and I would just need to add a border on each end to make it the right length. One thing led to another and I can honestly say I am pleased with the results.

I have decided that I am even going to type up and print my HomeMade Pancake Recipe and glue it to the back. Maybe then I will send this postcard to my daughter along with a dogbone cookie cutter to use as a mold for making her own little doggie some super yummy pancakes for breakfast!


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