Sunday, February 14, 2010

Little Lace Shawl

I just had to share this little lace shawlette I made this weekend. I absolutely love it. After I finished spinning up my Summertime yarn, I wanted to find something small that might only use 1 skein of yarn and so I logged into Ravelry and started searching. What I found was a simple, easy to knit pattern for this little lace shawlette called 198 yds of Heaven designed by Christy Verity. This is a free pattern and you can download it directly from Ravelry. It is not really a beginner pattern, because it assumes the knitter has some prior experience with triangular shawls and their construction and so it does not give any directions for the sequence of knitting the repeats of each row. With a little help from my cousin Holly and some trial and error I was able to figure out the row repeats and once that clicked, I did not have any further trouble knitting the rest of the shawl. It is a little involved for the novice knitter, but I highly recommend it and you can always ask someone for help getting started on the row repeats to make sure you do it right. I am certain this will be my favorite shawl pattern forever, and I will knit them all year long, gift them to friends and family, and make them in colors to go with every season and every dress I own. They will be house shawls and church shawls, and just going out shawls. There will always be a reason for me to pick up some sticks and string and get to knitting another little shawlette.

This little shawlette is being gifted to a friend and I am delivering it to her personally when I visit her this afternoon:)


Emily Wohlscheid said...

this is beautiful debi! when are you going to show us some of these lovelies in person we miss you! :D

Holly Marie said...

Absolutely gorgeous Debi! I love it. I'm casting on for that this week! The handspun gives it a beautiful look too... sigh. Stunning. Good job on your first triangular shawl! =)

spinsterknits said...

I am glad you like it. I wasn't sure about the yarn coloring until I saw the finished shawl.

Emily - I hope to rejoin the group soon. It seems each week that things are just not working out for me to attend. I miss you all too:)

As I write this, I am already spinning for my 2nd one of these, and I have plans to also make one for my little niece for her 5th birthday which is 2 weeks from now.

Berkeley said...

Debi, I just looked at the finished shawlette. It's so beautiful! I really love the summertime colours. I'm sure your friend will be so surprised and fall in love with it right away. I have to say that I am very jealous of her right now.