Monday, February 2, 2009

The Joy of Spinning!

I have recently discovered the art of handspinning........and I am in LOVE! I am a big Etsy promoter, and I buy my spinning supplies exclusively on Etsy. I purchased this bundle of fiber from North Star Alpacas on Etsy. It is a blend of 70% Alpaca and 30% Silk. The Alpaca was a natural fawn color and the silk was dyed red, together the fiber becomes what I refer to as a Dusty Rose color. I absolutely love this fiber. I spun up 2 oz of it already and it made 144 yards of a light worsted weight yarn, 12 wpi. I am knitting a cowl and shawl in this fiber. I have started the shawl already. I was going to wait until I had all the fiber spun, but I just couldn't wait to start knitting with it. It is a dream.

I purchased my solid oak, top whorl drop spindle, from Spinsanity on Etsy. Both shops are based here in Michigan, which is another bonus. I am very dedicated to shopping local whenever possible, and there are many shops on Etsy owned and operated by fellow Michiganians. I guess, with the economy the way it is, many people are turning to running there own business. At least that way, you will never be downsized, and you can spend your time doing something you love.
I know that I love what I am doing. (I was permanently laid off when my office closed almost 2 years ago). Now I work a part time job away from home to help supplement my income right now, but as much as I need the extra money, I just wish I could spend all my time making the things to sell on my etsy. I am just bursting with new ideas and wanting to try new things all the time.Back to topic, I know I run off on tangents sometimes, in addition to spinning my own yarn and carving rubber stamps, I am still very active in my mail art trading.

I just finished up some Button Fairies and Valentine Chunky Pages for swaps on Mail Art World. I love these Button Fairies, and I think I want to make many more of them. I collect all things relating to Faeries. I even have my eye on a yarn gauge at BrandywineWW on Etsy that is named after the Fairy Cup that was carved at the top of the handle. Take a look at it here........How cool is that!

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Deb said...

Whaaaa! Button Fairies. I have been inspired. Your chunky pages are so adorable.