Sunday, September 7, 2008

Historic Home Tour Weekend and the Art Faire!

On the corner of Madison and Michigan in Historic Marshall Michigan, during the Annual Home Tour Weekend, I attended the Art Faire with my sister Lissa. Lissa is my baby sister, and she came down from Kalamazoo to visit me on Saturday. I thought it would be nice for us to spend a little time together browsing the Art Faire that was being held a few blocks from my house. According to our local paper, the Advisor, this was a juried Art Faire and Artists from all over the state would be selling their work Saturday Afternoon only.

The City blocked off the street and vendors set up tents along the street and across the lawn next to the local Post Office. You can even see the Marshall Middle School, where I attended 6-8th grade, in the background.

One of the first items to catch my eye was this pretty little handpainted Mary Engelbreit style child's table and chair set.I really liked this glass artist who made lawn and garden ornaments out of glass dishes, I think they resemble flowers.
There were also many pottery booths. I saw a group of lamps with handmade clay bases, their metal necks glinting in the sun, and couldn't resist taking a picture.
One of my favorite items was what looked to me like a bird bath, but it was shaped like a giant leaf. It is absolutely stunning.
During the day you could also take a leisurely carriage ride through town.

My sister Lissa took a special interest in some handmade tribal drums and ended up playing a duet with the Craftsman. She purchased the drum in the end, and I am sure she will play it often.

Here is some video of my sister jammin on her new drum. Please forgive my shaky camera work. Hopefully I will get better at this the more video I take.

After the Art Faire we decided to take a walk through downtown on our way home. Marshall is full of Gift Shoppes, Art Galleries, Artsy Shops, and Antique Stores. Marshall generates alot of its income from tourism. We are a National Historic Landmark. Here are a few pics of some of the things we saw on our walk.
The Mole Hole Gift Shoppe has been around town for as long as I can remember. They always have many unique things to display, including this Military Band Organ.

I was able to upload the videos to Google Video, so here is the Organ playing. Please excuse my shaky camera work, I am still getting used to using my camera to capture video.

For more information on this National Historic Landmark town, Marshall Michigan, Please visit the Marshall Historical Society.

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