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Simple Ridged Mitt Knitting Pattern

*Please note that I have only made the Mitts for size Woman's Small (7inch), the rest are based on the math for the pattern gauge X Measurements, so please let me know how things work out.

Simple Ridged Mitts Knitting Pattern
by Debi Rodriguez

Terms and Abbreviations
CO - cast on
P or p - Purl
K or k - Knit
RS - right side
WS - wrong side
dpns - double pointed needles
BO - bind off
K2tog - Knit 2 sts together
st or sts - stitch or stitches

Hand Measurements Chart
Child 1 - 6 inches
Child 2 - 6 1/2 inches
Woman Med - 7 1/2 inches
Woman Large - 8 inches
Measured around the hand just under the fingers where they meet the palm.

Level: Beginner
This is a wonderful pattern for a beginning knitter.It uses simple knit and purl rows and has an optional thumb gusset knit on 4 dpns.
This pattern is easily adjusted to fit any size hand and for any desired length.
32 stitches 48 rows = 4 inches in Ridged Pattern(Slight Stretch)
Size: To fit a woman's hand size small
Finished measurements : 7 in circumference / 7 1/2 inch length
Directions for additional sizes are shown in brackets ( )
Additional sizes (Child 1, Child 2, Women's Med, Women's Large)
* see Chart for Measurements

Yarn: 160 yds 100% Wool Self Striping yarn
20 yds 100% Wool in a Solid Coordinating Color
Fingering Weight - 16wpi
Needles & Notions: Size US 2 (2.75mm) straight and dpns
***stitch holder, yarn needle

Ridge Pattern
Row 1: Knit (RS)

Row 2: Purl (WS)

Row 3: Purl (RS)

Row 4: Knit (WS)

Pattern Instructions
CO 56 (40,48,56,56) stitches
Work Ridge Pattern for 42(36,39,45,48) Rows
Thumb Row 43 (37,40,46,49): P 25 (16,20,25,25) sts,
place next 13 (12,12,13,13) sts on stitch holder, CO 13 (12,12,13,13) sts, P to end of row
*Optional method if knitting w/out a thumb gusset
Row 43 (37,40,46,49): P 25 (16,20,25,25) sts, BO 13 (12,12,13,13) sts, CO 13 (12,12,13,13) Sts, P to end of row.
*At this point you should have 11(9, 10, 12,13) ridges on the RS
Row 44 (38,41,47,50): Knit (WS)
Work Ridge Pattern for 40 (34,37,43,46) more rows
Total - 84 (72,78,90,96) Rows - 21(18, 19 1/2, 22 1/2, 24) Ridges on RS
BO (bind off) all stitches, leave a long tail to use in seaming edges.

Knitting the Thumb Gussett
Place 13 (12,12,13,13) sts from holder onto one dpn. With another dpn, pick up 13 (12,12,13,13) sts on the opposite edge of thumb opening and 1 in each corner. 28 (26,26,28,28 sts total) Divide these sts onto 3 dpns.
Switch to Solid Coordinating color yarn and leave a 3 inch tail to mark beginning of round
Row 1: knit, join at end of round.
Rows 2-4: Knit
Row 5: Knit, k2tog once on each needle in round- 25 (23,23,25,25)sts
Rows 6-9: Knit
Row 10: Knit, k2tog once on each needle in round -22 (20, 20, 22, 22)sts
Rows 11-13: Knit
BO (bind off) all stitches, leaving a 3 inch tail, pull through last stitch to close.

Fold finished mitt in half, Right sides together and stitch (seam) edges using long tail from last row of mitt.
Weave in all ends.

Now do it all again for Mitt #2!

Here is a link to the PDF doc for easy printing!
Simple Ridged Mitts Pattern

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