Friday, May 2, 2008

Paint and Paper Dolls!

I have always loved paper dolls, and dolls in general of course. But their is just something beautiful about paper dolls with their fragile accessories and fold up houses. I am equally in love with Faeries and have decided to combine both of those passions into one, and create some Faerie Paper Dolls. In order to do this well, I have to get into the mood, and to get into the mood I basically started painting. I thought I would begin with some girly girl pitures based on my daughter Molly (who is so NOT a girly girl) But since I wanted the color pallet to include more than black, and I am not adept at gothic style drawing yet, she is currently depicted in pastel laden hues with all the frills....oh, and I am including her dog Karma in many of the art pieces as well. So this first painting is an 8 x 8 acrylic on card stock that has been prepped with gesso. I love gesso. Basically anything can be transformed into the perfect canvas with a simple coat of gesso. I call this "Molly Dolly and Karma"

After this first one a million ideas started pouring thru my mind, my 2nd painting is called "Tea Time" and is primarily in Pink (Which is my favorite color).I am in the process of completing a 3rd one that is yet to be named depicting a princess and a frog ( who is wearing a crown and obviously a prince under a spell) It is a much larger piece and I will have to take a picture of it and upload it since it is too big to scan.

At this very moment I am getting ready to clean up my art supplies and haul the table I have been using out into the yard where we are setting up for tomorrow's yard sale. My mother has decided to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, but only as it pertains to furniture. We are keeping all the other stuff:-)

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Edition Handdruck said...

"Tea Time" is a beautiful bright little painting !